7th Meeting of the EASD Study Group on the Genetics of Diabetes [EASD-SGGD]
7th Meeting of the EASD Study Group on the Genetics of Diabetes [EASD-SGGD]

Confirmed keynote speakers and lectures

The scientific programme will start on Thursday (May 16th) at 13:00 (preceeded by a buffet lunch) and will close on Saturday (May 18th) by 14:00. The Prague airport is easily accessible from the meeting venue (20 minutes by taxi, 30 minutes by public transportation).

The titles of the talks are preliminary at this stage

OMICS- session on the epigenomics of diabetes and obesity

  • Roderick C Slieker ( Leiden, the Netherlands ) - Multiple omics in relation to progression of type 2 diabetes
  • Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld ( Köln, Germany; Odense, Denmark ) - Regulation of metabolism by long noncoding RNAs

Different subgroups in diabetes

  • Emma Ahlqvist ( Malmö, Sweden ) - Clinical and genetic subtypes of diabetes
  • Amelie Bonnefond ( Lille, France ) - Towards the genetic continuum between common type 2 diabetes and monogenic diabetes


  • Andrew Hattersley ( Exeter, UK ) - New genes and new insights in monogenic diabetes
  • Lise Bjørkhaug Gundersen ( Bergen, Norway ) - Significance of functional studies of HNF-coding gene variants for diabetes classification

Genetics of Type 1 diabetes

  • Matthew Johnson ( Exeter, UK ) – Monogenic forms of autoimmune diabetes; challenges and opportunities
  • Per H Groop ( Helsinki , Finland ) - The Genetic Landscape of Renal Complications in Type 1 Diabetes
  • Flemming Pociot ( Copenhagen, Denmark ) - Genetics of beta-cell dysfunction during T1D development


  • Oluf Pedersen ( Copenhagen, Denmark ) - The intestinal microbiome and human metabolism
  • Ondřej Cinek ( Prague, Czech Republic ) - Microbiota components and the development of type 1 diabetes - bacteria, viruses, and beyond

Personalized medicine from a genetic perspective

  • Ewan Pearson ( Dundee, UK ) - Pharmacogenomics in diabetes mellitus: insights into drug action and drug discovery
  • Torben Hansen ( Copenhagen, Denmark ) - Precision medicine in isolated populations – lessons from Greenland

Metabolism and obesity

  • Ruth Loos ( New York, USA ) - Genes that make you fat, but keep you healthy